The Best Fried Chicken In North Carolina

Photo: Samuli Vainionpää/Moment/Getty Images

Southerners take their fried chicken seriously, whether they fry it up themselves with generations-old family recipes to create a dish "just like mama used to make" or they have a go-to restaurant that they swear by for an incredible, homemade bite.

While some of the best fried chicken can, obviously, be found in the South, there are also plenty of eateries around the country frying up their own take on the classic dish. Cheapism searched for restaurants around the country serving delicious fried chicken and compiled a list of the top spot in each state based on reviews and rankings by expert food writers and customers.

According to the site, the best fried chicken in all of North Carolina can be found at Mama Dip's Kitchen. This Chapel Hill eatery has serves up spectacular southern cooking and puts "a little South in your mouth," per to its website. Cheapism suggests ordering the three piece southern fried chicken. Mama Dip's is located at 408 W. Rosemary Street.

This is what Cheapism had to say about the best fried chicken in North Carolina:

"In another highly contested fried-chicken state, Mildred Council has spent roughly four decades making Mama Dip's the South's gold standard for the dish. Now a small empire of sauces, rubs, cookbooks, and other gems, Mama Dip's is a temple of Southern cooking with fried chicken at its spiritual center."

To see where else you can find mouthwatering fried chicken around the country, check out the full list at Cheapism.