Make A Drive-Thru Difference With Up 98.7

Up 98.7 and Carmel Christian School want to help spread kindness throughout the Carolinas and the best way to do that, we believe, is through random acts of good. 

We're launching the Drive-Thru Difference, where you can help make someone's day a little brighter and it's simple to do.

While you're at the drive-thru getting your morning coffee or lunch, pay for the person behind you. Hand this letter to the cashier and tell them to hand it off to the next car. The letter will explain what you're doing and help promote them to do the same thing.

You never know when someone's having a bad day and a simple gesture like this could turn their entire world around.

You can even share your experience with us by messaging us on Facebook or Twitter!

The Drive-Thru Difference is inspired by the heartfelt and amazing people at:

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